Je Basim Arab?

Basim, Basem or Bassem (Arabic: بَاسِم Bāsim) is a common Arabic name meaning "one who smiles". A more accurate proper spelling in English is Basim, as there is no stress (Shadda) on the "s" syllable in the Arabic original. The name stem from the Arabic verb basama (Arabic: َبَسَم) meaning "to smile".

What ethnicity is Basim?


Basim is an Arabic name meaning "one who smiles", derived from بَسَمَ (basama) meaning "to smile". His nasab ibn Ishaq means "son of Ishaq" with Ishaq, the Arabic form of Isaac, meaning "laughing".

Je Basim Arab?

Where is Basim from?

Basim was born in Samarra within the Abbasid Caliphate, as the son of the architect who was responsible for constructing the Great Mosque of Samarra. His father Ishaq was exiled and died in poverty after someone else took credit for his work, while his mother died when he was still young.

What is the meaning of Basim?


Simply meaning "smile," this beautiful boy's name is a common Arabic name that's rooted in the verb basama. Other than making you laugh until you cry, young Basim may take inspiration from the many film directors, journalists, and footballers who share this name.

Who is Basim in Valhalla?

Basim is the reincarnation of Loki, furious at Odin (now Eivor) and Týr (now Sigurd) for binding his son Fenrir and desperate to be reunited with his lover Aletheia (who is really Angrboda, Loki's partner in Norse myth).

Is Basim Sunni or Shia?

Haj Mulla Basim Ismail Muhammad-Ali al-Karbalaei (Arabic: باسم إسماعيل محمد علي الكربلائي; born 11 November 1966), commonly known as Basim Karbalaei or Mulla Basim is an Iraqi Shi'ite eulogy reciter.

Is Basim Middle Eastern?

But one of the most important characters in the game is Basim, a Middle Eastern assassin who starts out as the mentor to the game's protagonist, Eivor.

Tasbeeh Al Zahra’a | Haj Mahdi Rasoli | English Sub

What language does Basim speak?

Basim speaks English, Hindi and Urdu.

Is Basim an Arab name?

Basim, Basem or Bassem (Arabic: بَاسِم Bāsim) is a common Arabic name meaning "one who smiles". A more accurate proper spelling in English is Basim, as there is no stress (Shadda) on the "s" syllable in the Arabic original. The name stem from the Arabic verb basama (Arabic: َبَسَم) meaning "to smile".

Is Basim Islamic name?

Basim is a Muslim Boy name that is originated from the Arabic language. Basim name meaning is “The smiling one”.

Is Basim Altair’s father?

In this same vein, Basim could be more directly connected to Altair, as while Altair's parents are never introduced, Basim is an Arabic name. Basim could be a direct ancestor of Altair and an indirect ancestor to Ezio, if Ubi didn't just retcon the whole different parental line thing.

Do Sunnis visit Karbala?

Although most pilgrims to Karbala are Shia, there are also some Sunni Muslim visitors. The author saw Sunni Muslims in both Karbala and Najaf. They can be distinguished from Shia Muslims by the way in which they perform their prayers. Some were praying inside the shrines of Imam Hussain and Abul Fazl Abbas.

Is Assassins Creed Arab?

Fictional character biography

Altaïr was born on 11 January 1165 in Masyaf, Nizari state, to Umar Ibn-La'Ahad, an Arab Muslim Assassin, and his Christian wife, Maud, who died of complications during childbirth.

Is Hussein an Arab name?

Sum up what baby is in your eyes with this sweet Arabic name. Hussein means "small handsome one" and is the diminutive of Hassan, which means "beautiful." This boy's name is said to have first been used by the Islamic prophet Muhammad, who named his grandson Husayn ibn Ali.

Who trained Basim?


In the trailer, we see that Basim was inducted into the Hidden Ones (the precursors to the Assassin Brotherhood) by Roshan. Roshan goes on to be Basim's mentor, training him as a Hidden One within the partially built fortress of Alamut, a structure that long-time Assassin's Creed fans have heard about but never seen.

Can Hindus visit Karbala?

Yes dear. You can visit to Imam Hussain Shrine. During my visit I noticed many non Muslims visiting karbala. Helpful?

Can a Shia marry a Sunni?

Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims share the same faith and abide by the same five pillars of Islam (Professor 7 Oct. 2003). There are no rules forcing a woman to adopt her husband's particular branch of Islam (ibid.).

Which Assassin Creed is Indian?

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India

Chronicles: India is set in 19th-century India, during the Anglo-Sikh Wars between the Sikh Empire and the East India Company, and follows Arbaaz Mir, the protagonist of the graphic novel Assassin's Creed: Brahman.

Is there an Indian Assassins Creed?

Embody Arbaaz in his quest for retribution through a colourful depiction of 19th century Colonial India in 2.5D stealth gameplay. Discover an exquisite depiction of Colonial India thanks to a palette of vibrant colours.

Is Hussein an Indian name?

Hussain is a boy's name of Arabic origin, meaning "good or small handsome one." It is a diminutive and alternative spelling of Hassan, which also means "beautiful." The multiple interpretations of this unique given name bode well for your little prince!

What is Arabs middle name?

However, not all Arab countries use the name in its full length, but conventionally use two- and three-word names, and sometimes four-word names in official or legal matters. Thus the first name is the personal name, the middle name is the father's name and the last name is the family name.

Did Brahmins fought in Karbala?

As per Mohyal oral history, a Mohyal Brahmin of the Dutt clan had fought on behalf of Imam al-Husayn in the Battle of Karbala (680 C.E.), more specifically in the storming of Kufa—sacrificing his seven sons in the process.

Which Hindu king helped Imam Hussain?

Rahib Dutt was certain that this battle was, in essence, no different from the battle of the Ramayana or Mahabharata and sent his seven sons to fight for Hussain. The battle between Hussain and Yazid was thought to be one sided. Despite knowing this, Rahib Dutt and his sons joined forces Hussain.

Can a Hindu marry a Shia?

Under Shia Law marriage with a non-muslim is void. Both spouses are required to be Muslims. The marriage of a Sunni male with a Shia female is void. A marriage of a Muslim female with a non-Muslim male, whether he be a Christian, or a Jew or an idolator or a Fire-Worshiper is void under Shia Law.

Can Shias have 4 wives?

Traditional Sunni and Shia Islamic marital jurisprudence allows Muslim men to be married to multiple women (a practice known as polygyny). Men can have up to four wives at a time according to the islamic jurisprudence.

Is Connor Kenway half Indian?

Overview. Ratonhnhaké:ton, or Connor (he has never took his Father's name, so do not name him Connor Kenway), was born in 1755, the product of a Native American mother and a British father, Haytham Kenway.

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